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BGN would like to show off book/literary groups that are apart of its network and specific books. We want the world to know who you are, how your group has been able to sustain and be successful. BGN will randomly select a group and book each quarter. The selected group and book will be highlighted on the website for the quarter.

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Enriching Life

'Enriching Life' means that all aspects of your life are enjoyable, diverse and balanced. Your life must be proportionate between work and life, business and pleasure. You only have one life to live, and you must make time to enjoy it.

There must be a combination of work, activities and socializing to have an enriching life. People desire to have this balance. BGN is offering resources to assist you in fulfilling that balance.

Reading and belonging to a network of book readers is a relaxing time away from the repetition of life; however, it is only a small piece of life's pleasures. You should have an opportunity to taste the fruit of all pleasures whether it is an activity, event, socializing with a network of like-minded individuals, a home for solitude, pampering and much more.

BGN has partnered with companies that believe in this philosophy. Their services will add to your repertoire for an enriching life.  Visit our Resource Page for a list of our Partners.