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The Book Group Network ('BGN') is an online book group network called BGN Connection that provides an informational resource to assist with managing your book group, author and writer resources and life enrichment workshops. BGN provides a directory of book groups of different genres for networking opportunities. Being a member of the BGN network allows for its benefits.

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BGN Life Enrichment

Our youth are a precious commodity. As a community, we need to protect this commodity.  With the reduction of many necessary life empowering activities in the schools such as extra-curricular activity, after-school activity, physical education, music, art, tutoring, etc. and distractions such as peer pressure, bullying and struggles with knowledge attainment, there needs be activities, workshops and interactive events to replace the activities lacking in the schools.

BGN is committed to assisting in maintaining our kids youthfulness and allowing their transformation into adulthood to be positively memorable.  BGN will offer life enhancing workshops and activity to develop our youth into productive citizens.  However, the caveat to this transformation is family support and participation.

Workshops and Activities

Reading/Writing (Tutoring)
Relationships Building
Health and Nutrition (Physical exercise)
Understanding the Transition to Middle School


Workshops and activities are being scheduled.  Please click applicable links above or view the Events page for updates.  If your youth organinzation is interested in having any of these workshops and/or activites presented to your youth population, please contact a BGN representative at


BGN Author Connection Benefits:

If you are a published author looking to connect with readers, please contact a BGN representative at

BGN Business Connection Benefits

BGN also offers management and consulting services to businesses and organizations on establishing a book group. Please inquire with a BGN Representative about the BGN Business Connection benefits. Please send an email to