Company Information

The Book Group Network (BGN) was established in January 2006. The company grew from the need to assist book groups/clubs and literary organization by making accessible an expansive network providing informational resources for increased global readership, literacy improvement and personal development.

The 'Book Group Network' was inspired by Cynthia Tyler. She is an enthusiast book reader and a member a book group called “The Sisters of Excellence with Great Minds Association”. She recognizes there is a disconnect readers may feel for lack of accessible resources and networking groups. She has passion to encourage all people, adults and children, to read more to improve literacy and develop critical thinking skills. Reading allows people to increase their knowledge, provide pleasure and contribute to life balance and enhance an enriching life. Cynthia believes in connecting with partners that embody the belief of a personal life enhancement. BGN will provide resources for you to maintain an enriching life through work-life balance.

Book groups and Literary Organization are like a business. Any literary group must have effective practices, processes and consistent innovative ideas to have an attractive group. Therefore, BGN will provide the resources to accomplish that goal. BGN will provide reference information and tools to become established and maintain the group. Furthermore, some groups like to provide acknowledgement to their members by providing welcoming materials and periodic items of appreciation. BGN offers administrative services and merchandise.

BGN Mission Statement

BGN will provide a network of resources for book groups, authors and readers to encourage improved literacy and life enrichment.

BGN Vision

Provide resources to assist in maintaining book groups, encourage inspiring writers, assist writers in transitioning to published authors which in turn will assist in increase readership complimented with resources to promote an enhanced personal life.


BGN Value

BGN's belief is encouraging, promoting and providing resources to increase readership to development knowledge, encourage personal life balance and improve literacy for adults and children.